A School For Tomorrow


I am a responsible local, regional, and global citizen.

I am prepared to put the common interest and the needs of others before myself.

I am grounded in service that helps me:

    • Know: Understand how to discern, balance and meet the needs of others
    • Do: Create pathways, systems and processes that grow others and nurture out shared environment and resources on our journey towards a preferred future
    • Be: Disposed towards promoting shared goals and culture over personal ambitions
    • Learn: Reflect on the relationship between my citizenship and my perspective

service and volunteering

Our service is how we give of ourselves to others. It comes from our desire to connect with, support, and help others to succeed on The Pathway To Excellence. It goes beyond the simple exchange of self-interest and transactions. We become motivated to transform the lives of others through the habit of kindness, the instinct to serve, and the will to give. It is our tangible actions that shows how “us” transcends “me”...

social purpose

Our social purpose is the fundamental reason we have for the way we live our lives. It always exists in relationship to those around us because it gives us the ability to craft and realise over time an honourable rationale for development of the civic character of belonging, the performance character of fulfilling our potential, and the moral character of doing what is good and right: how we might give of ourselves for the benefit of others...


Service to family

Family is complicated. There is so much of essential value that the experience of family at so many levels gives to so many of us, even if it is a necessarily imperfect experience. Most of our popular culture deals with how families are built and work together (or not). For all of the flaws, the quarrels and the variability in the contributions of different members, the shared history of family is the foundation for learning, living, leading and working...


personal branding

Our story lives in the minds of others. How we use our kindness, honesty, and love is how we demonstrate our strength of character. How we show our resilience, professionalism, and our decision-making ability is how we demonstrate our performance. How we live with honesty, selflessness, and service is how we demonstrate our leadership. The building of our reputation through doing what is good and right is the way we manifest a good personal brand...


Service in friendship groups

Our friends represent a significant portion of our support network. They are the people who we can turn to in our darkest moments - we lean on their shoulder to stop us from falling. They fill our days with joy, laughter and memories. They fill our lives with kindness, respect and love. Our service towards them is an essential component of how we lead...


purpose, place, people, practice

Understanding our vocation on The Pathway to Excellence seems to be much about defining our sense of purpose. For it is through their sense of mission that we are best formed in terms of our vocational practice, and inevitably also our leadership practice. This practice is usually intensely practical and rarely shaped by an established theoretical model (although it should be). It is highly situational and responsive to the need to situate ourselves within and then balance the different pressures associated with charting the course of a group, team, organisation or community from yesterday to today to tomorrow...


service in social activities and clubs

The communities to which we belong allow us to engage in activities that are enjoyable and important for our development. It then follows that our service to them, and what we do to support their existence, change, and growth, is the least we can do in return for our position within them and all the wonderful experiences we’ve had as a result. Serving our clubs and social communities is a privilege because it allows us to reciprocate in kind for what others have given to us...


social recognitioN

We all want to feel heard. We all want to feel seen. We all want to feel valued. Our standing within our community, and the perception others have of us, play a central role in how we feel about ourselves. If we are people of good character, individuals of integrity who are genuinely interested in the success and wellness of others, then in our being and becoming, we are more likely to receive social recognition for how we learn, live, lead, and work. We need to work through the best way to gain appropriate social recognition...


SERVICE in sport, the arts and other activities

Teams and the pastimes we share with others often form the basis of the communities to which we belong. These communities are places that require all members to actively support, and to feel actively supported by the team. To this end, our teammates and peers in our hobbies are people we should actively care for and support. As always, our leadership and service extends to building a culture...


social impact

What do we bring to our world? Each of us is unique.  Each of us has a purpose and value that underlines everything we do. Each of us has the potential to add to the character of our community. Working to create positive social impact is about accepting that all of these statements can and should apply to us. And we need to accept the responsibility that flows from this, as well as the capacity to bring benefit to the lives of others in accordance with our sense of social purpose...