FLourishing Future: Curriculum Design Masterclass

Time Date and time

Due to COVID border restrictions and quarantine requirements, this event has been cancelled for the remainder of 2021. We hope to bring masterclass to Western Australia in 2022.


Hourglass Delivery mode

In person at our Western Australia host school,
All Saints' College, Bull Creek, Perth

Money Costs

$895 Professional and School/Institutional Members
$995 non-members

We encourage group signups at discounted rates:
Two people: $1790
Three people: $2485
Four People: $3080
Five people: $3500

All prices in AUD and excl. GST

Money Audience

All classroom educators and learning and wellness middle and school leaders responsible for the delivery of quality teaching, learning and wellbeing programs in Australian K-12 schools.


All Learning Areas and General Capabilities in the Australian and Western Australian K-10 Curriculum, comprise of knowledge, skills, competencies and character dispositions that are designed to assist all learners to learn, live, lead and work successfully in our new world environment.

The a School for tomorrow. Flourishing Future: Curriculum Design Masterclass is designed to empower educators so they can give each student in their care the opportunity to not only demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills but an explicit transfer of Learning Area and General Capabilities knowledge, skills and dispositions to real world and relevant contexts. This masterclass intentionally explores the why, what and how of innovative fit for purpose curriculum design for all learners, allowing each to ultimately demonstrate acquisition, mastery and transfer of the Australian and Western Australian K-10 Curriculum Learning Area and General Capabilities Achievement Standards for their flourishing future. This highly interactive and hands-on masterclass assists all participants to also explicitly incorporate the aspiration of our Wellness By Design® framework to equip, empower and enable all students to thrive, across all units of study.

The sessions across the two days are outlined below:

Day One 

Session One Welcome to a School for tomorrow.  This session will explore the who, why, what and how of a School for tomorrow.
Session Two  The Whole of Learning  This session will introduce a School for tomorrow’s research-driven natural developmental process of growing in character and wellness by gaining competencies that follow a pathway that help us to learn, live, lead and work in a flourishing future.
Session Three Curriculum Design Framework   This hands-on session introduces a School for tomorrow’s unique Curriculum Design framework, featuring our Wellness By Design® model, designed to assist all learners to move from surviving to thriving in our new world environment. We unpack individual motivation to learn and the writing of quality assessment rubrics while answering these fundamental questions - What is the Learning? How will you know they have learned? and How will they Learn?

Day Two

Session Four Step Up This hands-on session will provide an opportunity to review each participant’s completed Curriculum Design semester length unit of study.
Session Five Mastery Tasks This hands-on session will introduce a School for tomorrow’s unique Mastery Task assessment framework or all learners to demonstrate proficiency of Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards for Learning Areas. We unpack the important role of explicit instruction for mastery and understand the place of multiple entry points (differentiation), stretch and self-assessment to enable all students to access learning and curriculum designed for explicit growth and achievement.
Session Six Assessment for Performance Task This hands-on session will introduce a School for tomorrow’s Assessment for Performance Task assessment framework for all learners to demonstrate the transfer of Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards from Learning Areas & General Capabilities. We unpack the power of Project-Based Learning (PBL) and the Design Thinking framework to develop an authentic learning challenge that asks all learners to solve real-world and relevant problems consistent with the Driving Question.

Key Takeaways

Each participant will develop the necessary skills and knowledge of effective curriculum design. At the end of the course participants will have a Curriculum Design Toolkit which contains the following digital resources:

  • Curriculum Design Instructional guidelines
  • Curriculum Design Course templates
  • Curriculum Design Mastery Task templates
  • Curriculum Design Assessment for Performance Task templates
  • Writing Quality Rubrics for learning continuum assessment
  • An example of five-point scale learning continuum Rubrics
  • Learning and Feedback timeline templates
  • Wellness By Design® Toolkit

Instructor Information


Dr Philip SA Cummins


Phil Cummins is an educator by trade and conviction. For over three decades, he's been teaching, thinking, writing, speaking, and leading in schools and tertiary institutions all over the world. Phil is an Associate Professor of Education and Enterprise at Alphacrucis College, Adjunct Associate Professor of Education at the University of Tasmania, Managing Director at CIRCLE – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education, and MD Global Advice at dISC – digitally Integrated Student Communities. Phil is the Managing Partner in a School for tomorrow, a global educational network supporting students, teachers, and school leaders to thrive in a new world environment.


Adriano Di Prato

BA (Design), G DipEd, MSL, G Cert Mgt NFP Organisations, MACE

Adriano is a prominent thought leader and recognised as one of the most future-focused educators in Australia. He is a former President of the Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools Deputy Principals Association (VCSSDPA). In 2015 Adriano was awarded Life Membership (Honorary) by the VCSSDPA for significant contributions to Catholic education over the past 26 years. In 2019 and 2020 Adriano was honoured by his selection on the annual Hot List of movers and shakers in Australian education by The Educator AU magazine. Adriano is the former Deputy Principal of Marcellin College, Bulleen and Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Braybrook Australia and is a founding partner in a School for tomorrow.

Venue and Parking

Face to face learning will be held at All Saints' College located at Ewing Ave, Bull Creek WA 6149. All Saints' College is easily accessible off the Leach Highway via the Bull Creek Drive or Karel Road exits. When workshop participants arrive on campus, they are required to sign in, ensuring they comply with all Child Protection guidelines. Parking is available on site.

Cancellations and Changes

Free cancellation until seven (7) days of the event. Please ensure that you provide a School for tomorrow. with seven (7) days’ notice in writing of any cancellations or changes to your enrolment. Cancellations within seven (7) days of the learning event and not in writing will incur the full fee. Cancellations must be made in writing and addressed to A confirmation email will be sent with refund details within two (2) business days of cancellation request.

Participants will be notified if there are any changes to the learning event or if it is fully booked and enrolments cannot be accepted.