Continuous Learners and Unlearners

I am prepared for a lifetime of learning and unlearning.

I am committed to continuing to grow and improve throughout my life.

I am grounded in transformation that helps me:

  • Know: Understand how different approaches to learning can help me build adaptive expertise and self-efficacy
  • Do: Create successful research, development, and the implementation of new ideas
  • Be: Disposed towards planning positive steps towards progress, taking action to see them through and completing the process of transformation successfully.
  • Learn: Reflect on the relationship between my growth and my change readiness

Academic Development

The formal process through which we acquire the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and learning habits for success is situated in our enrolment, progress and eventually qualification in an academic institution such as school, college, and university. While informal learning is important to the development of our whole person, there are considerable practical benefits to optimising our academic growth through the choices we make...

Family and Friends

The fellowship of family and friends is the enduring way that human society creates shared connection and purpose. The network of people with whom we are in close relationship helps us to belong, to fulfil our potential, and to do what is good and right. Answering the question “whose am I?” is the most immediate and powerful reason for us to become the best version of ourselves on The Pathway To Excellence…

Academic Program

Academic Development Program

We should all aspire to be lifelong learners. One of the central components of this process is our academic program, in particular the path we choose to follow with our tertiary education. No matter where we find ourselves and what we find ourselves doing it is important that we undergo a process of understanding how our aspirations, strengths and past performance can be brought together to put us on a path to success and fulfilment…

Family and Friends

Family Connections

We all need to belong; we need to know who our people are. For most around the world, this is family. Many of us have full and positive experiences of family, despite the inevitable ups and downs. Others have much more difficult times to recall. Others still have little or no remaining connection to the households into which they were born. It is impossible to generalise about family in a way that correlates exactly to the lives of everyone...

Academic Development

Academic Development Progress

Academic progress is about our plan to hit our targets, how we work towards this, and how we might recalibrate when we lose our way. Our academic performance has a unique influence over our future, our motivation, and how we feel about ourselves. When we feel like we are succeeding and fulfilling our potential, we are inspired to continue and encouraged to aspire for more. A focus on results is important…

Family and Friends

Friendship Groups

Many of us often talk about how we are defined by those around us. The reason we do this is because, to one extent or another, it’s true. In fact, our immediate and continued exposure to everything around us plays a role in defining the person we are and the person we will become. For this reason, the process of choosing the people we surround ourselves with should be very important to us...

Academic Development

Disposition Towards Study

Disposition towards study is about how we make the specific choices about what we will and will not do to maintain a positive approach and to take responsibility for our learning in our academic program. The study habits we employ, the way we use our resources, and the mindset we take into our learning are all essential elements of this process. So, how do we equip ourselves with the ability to do all of these to a high level in order to succeed in our academic pursuits?...

Family and Friends

Social Activities and Clubs

Socialising is a key component of learning. Our mental health and wellness are significantly buffered by creating time in our busy lives to spend with our friends and those people whose company we enjoy. Finding communities and being a part of clubs both play a central role in helping us feel accepted, welcomed and important. We do better in all respects when we are connected to healthy communities that allow us to enjoy life. These communities of structured activity that carry with them formal and informal social ritual and meaningful tradition that promote a culture that is worth passing on to others can also assist us...

Academic Development

Academic Grades and Qualifications

Our academic grades and qualifications represent significant milestones on our learning journey. We need to develop the skill of knowing how to place what we are learning and achieving into the context of what we will need to maximise our choices in life. We need to track our performances, monitor our progress towards achieving them and reflect on what we have learnt after completing them...

Family and Friends

Sport, The Arts and Other Activities

Recreational activities are essential to our feeling of fulfilment, purpose and enjoyment in our everyday life. Finding activities that keep our bodies and minds active is essential to growing our creativity, innovation and depth as healthy and happy people. It’s important to regularly make and renew commitments to teams, groups, or activities to ensure that we can continue to enjoy these benefits...