Future Builders


I am a leader for the future:

I translate vision into a shared story of progress.

I am grounded in complexity that helps me:

  • Know: Understand how to direct, motivate, influence and inspire the actions of others towards willingly achieving a shared goal
  • Do: Create effective communication with others about the object and subject of a common mission
  • Be: Disposed towards maintaining a focus on long term vision
  • Learn: Reflect on the relationship between my capacity to speak to complexity and my communication skills

Formal Leadership

Leadership is about the art of directing, motivating, influencing, and inspiring people so that they work together willingly to achieve the goals of the team or the broader organisation. Often, we will show leadership qualities by supporting the formal leadership of others and by doing what we do as well as we can as a service for others. Most of us, however, will be presented with opportunities to exhibit leadership from the front in our lives in formal positions infused with authority to take action and make decisions to build the future for the benefit of others...

Career Development

Career development is how we bring meaning to the work we do by preparing and connecting the steps we take on The Pathway To Excellence. Our jobs, experience, and learning all help us to develop the character and competencies we need to thrive in our world. How we assemble the scope and sequence of what we do and the opportunities that are presented is all part of the process. We need to ensure that what we do forms a coherent narrative that aligns with who we are now and who we are becoming...

Formal Leadership

Formal Leadership in a Work Context

When we are employed to do a job, we must make sure that we do the job that is expected of it and us. This is the starting point for any leadership role in an organisation. While the expectations may change over time as circumstances change, the original brief for our role has a powerful effect on how people will see our leadership and its success. Whatever else we bring to the role and however else it is adapted to the way in which the organisation develops, we must be clear about what people expect of us and then make sure we do this...

Career Development

Career Development Program

What do we envision for ourselves in the future? Whether we aspire to a certain profession, a series of achievements or financial security, our ambitions that we incorporate into our career development program need to be specific, manageable and planned. Basing them upon what we enjoy, what we are good at doing and what we value is the basis of our program having meaning. Doing so causes our program to align with our interests, and inspires us to keep going as we embark on the journey. We need to build our career development program...

Formal Leadership

Formal Leadership in An Education Context

Formal leadership in our educational context is about putting ourselves in positions where we can take up formal leadership positions within our school or other institution. It is a process of bringing what we learn about leadership back to the learning environment we engage in every day. Our service and role as a leader in the classroom is to create a collaborative learning environment that supports the work of our peers, our teachers, and ourselves...

Career Development

Career Development Progress

As much as our career is based upon practical experiences and growth, it is also about growing our character, competencies and wellness. The ambition of our work should be to not only to succeed in a literal sense, but also to aspire to be a better, more whole person tomorrow than we are today. Our Career Development progress is about engaging in ongoing reflection, authoring our own narrative of ambition and purpose, and adapting as our life, and our world, move around us...

Formal Leadership

Formal Leadership in a Community Context

Leadership within our community begins with our own development. Understanding the most effective ways to impact certain people’s lives and practising the ways we do it is the hard work that takes place before we understand what it means to be a leader. We cannot action leadership before we know what it means, or how to do it. This is done through undergoing training and building our competency to lead by taking opportunities for both volunteering and formal leadership development opportunities...

Career Development

Disposition Towards Career

We need to adopt an approach to establishing and maintaining our career development progress – how we set and achieve goals in our career so we can grow in our character, competencies, and wellness, while also attending to the practical requirements for looking after ourselves and those who share our lives. We need to work through the best ways to boost our disposition towards career...

Formal Leadership

Formal Leadership Planning and Reflection

It is challenging in our lives to set and realise plans because there is so much about what we have to do that simply falls out of our control. Try as we might to impose a pattern or an order on things and it seems that opportunities and circumstances can change the course of events just when we think we are getting on top of things. Nonetheless, if we are going to make a positive difference through our service as leaders...

Career Development

Work Experience and Internship

The sequence of growth in our professional career is defined by taking the opportunities that present themselves to us. Further opportunities may also be engineered and manifested by us. Rarely are we ever spoon-fed any opportunity to prove ourselves or our abilities to contribute to an organisation. We need to identify how we might provide an ongoing demonstration of character, competency, and capacity in our personal and professional lives...