Good People


I am a person of good character, competency, and wellness.

I have a coherent set of values and beliefs that guide me to do the right thing.

I am grounded in authenticity that helps me:

  • Know: Understand how individuals and communities construct their sense of identity, values and ethics
  • Do: Create civic, performance and moral character in myself and others
  • Be: Disposed towards building the duty and self-discipline required for a purpose-driven and virtuous life
  • Learn: Reflect on the relationship between my integrity and my character

Values and Beliefs

Our values and beliefs are those important ideas that come to drive all of what we do in our lives. The Pathway to Excellence requires us to work out what it is that we actually stand for and the impact that this has on what we do. In other words, that we need to do more than just live a life – we should seek to live a worthwhile and meaningful life that brings benefit to others and sustains our capacity to thrive in our world...

Home Life and Finance

The way we build a sense of home has a great bearing on our capacity to pursue The Pathway to Excellence. Our work in creating a safe, orderly, and reassuring environment around us is very important. It gives us a secure base from which to operate geographically, socially, emotionally and financially. It gives us a place where we belong, a place in which we might invest, and a place where our love can reside and be nourished…

Values and Beliefs

Core Beliefs and Moral Code

We need to understand our place and responsibilities within the world. This a lifelong challenge – the challenge of identity. On our journey towards this we will face many difficult decisions, life changing moments, and of course all the living that takes place in between. To navigate this, we need a system to understand what we do, why we do it and why it is important to us. The answers to these questions come from our core beliefs and moral code...

Home Life and Finance


It may seem obvious, but we all need a place where we can live and feel as though it is home. Our most basic needs involve shelter, safety and security; a place to live which provides this is essential for all of us to be able to thrive. What this looks like in physical form is a matter of culture and taste – everyone has different opinions about what this looks like and what might go into the construction of such a place...

Values and Beliefs

Ethical Decision-Making

The choices we make in our day to day lives grow to define us as people. If we have identified our core beliefs and moral code, then we should next consider how these apply to our lives. Ethical decision making is about adopting an approach to making choices based on our values. This approach will help us to identify the good and right answers in order for us to live a life based on the appreciation of what is good and right...

Home Life and Finance

Employment and Earning Capacity

Understanding what we jobs we want and need is about who we are, who we are becoming, and where we want to find ourselves. This understanding is deeply connected to what matters most to us in our lives and how we can best provide the space, time, resources, and energy to do those things well. For different people, different things will matter when considering their employment and earning capacity...

Values and Beliefs

Values in Action

Our values are only useful to the extent we commit to applying them in our lives. Manifesting our world and the person we want to be through actioning what we believe to be important is the path we must take in order to stop simply surviving or existing, and (instead) start living. This is about making specific choices about what we will and will not do according to the principles set by our core beliefs and moral code. We need to work through the best way to situate our values in action...

Home Life and Finance

FInances and Personal Debt

Money plays a central role in our lives. We learn about it as we grow up, building the skills and habits required to use it well and manage it effectively. Acquiring the skills of budgeting and saving can give us the resources we need to pay our bills, put food on the table, and take care of our responsibilities as well as having a bit of fun along the way. We need to work through the best ways to manage our finances and personal debt...

Values and Beliefs

Spiritual Practice

It's a very human thing to wonder if we are alone in the universe. Looking at Earth and its remarkable complexity as a planetary system operating within an even more complex solar system and then even further beyond that, it’s quite normal for us to wonder about our significance in this vast and seemingly limitless array of connections and rules that hold all of this together. After all, we’re not the first to stare at the stars and wonder where it all came from, what it all means and how it all operates…

Home Life and Finance

Calendar and Time Management

There is a volume, pace and intensity to the world around us which demands so much. We can try as we might to keep up and do everything required of us, but it always seems as though there is more. We can rush from place to place, constantly trying to keep up with a seemingly unending set of demands on our time and energy, and often emerge feeling as though it can’t possibly be done...