Solution Architects


I design and generate effective solutions.

I think carefully to generate practical and workable answers to challenging questions.

I am grounded in sustainability that helps me:

  • Know: Understand how to build and use tangible models for achieving desirable process and product outcomes
  • Do: Create and evaluate a range of possible and considered options
  • Be: Disposed towards assessing the impact of solutions on the basis of both evidence and judgement
  • Learn: Reflect on the relationship between my direction and my creative and critical thinking skills

Personal Development

The foundation for our learning journey is an increasing understanding of who we are. For us to thrive, we need to acquire the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and learning habits for success. Personal development, therefore, is about the solutions we construct and the processes we employ to maintain the progress and sustain the wellness required to grow in self-awareness along The Pathway to Excellence...


Plans are the way in which we bring about our desired future. They make aspirations real; they give substance to goals. The success of our planning process depends on how well we are grounded in our own capacity and our ability to connect ourselves to the team and community around us. In this way, the real source of our ability to map out The Pathway To Excellence can be found in our character, the quality of the judgments we make, and the depth of the relationships that sustain us on our journey...

Personal Development

Emotional Intelligence

We all feel many things in our lives. Happiness, sadness, confusion, anger, joy, mischievousness, anxiety, grief, elation, contentment, boredom, satisfaction – the list can go on and on. All of these emotions are very human and most all of will experience them and many more besides all the time. We need to build our capacity for emotional intelligence – how we manage our own feelings and the feelings of others in our lives…



Without clear direction and targets, we can find ourselves moving through life uninspired, unenthused, and aimless. We can lack specificity in what we want to achieve, and may have no idea how to do it. Setting goals is the way that we give ourselves clear targets, focus, and purpose for getting up each day and keep on keeping on. Goal setting is fundamental in motivating ourselves to improve our abilities, performance, and humanity on an everyday basis.

Personal Development

Reflective Habits

We want people to live lives where they are confident in who they are and what they do. This is fundamental to The Pathway to Excellence. Yet, none of us can ever be entirely correct in everything we think and do. Nor should we allow ourselves to confuse confidence with certainty. We all make mistakes and act under the influence of either inadequately framed or inappropriate ideas...



At some point, we will believe that we have the goals and tools necessary to do the thing that we need to do. Execution and commitment will then be required to complete the task, achieve the goal, or enact the change that we believe is important. It is the ability to do what we say we will do and stick at this task that distinguishes us from others. We have all heard the expression 'if you're going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk'. Learning about self-regulation is learning to walk, learning to keep on The Pathway to Excellence.

Personal Development


Good health begins with the basics. All of us live a healthier life when we get the right amount of sleep, good food, exercise, and routine on a daily basis. What these things mean specifically will change depending on the where and when of our lives. Nonetheless, whatever our underlying physiological condition, we will do better when we take control of how we treat our body and its basic needs. We need to work through the best ways to boost our health...


Project Management

One of the defining features of the way in which our world goes about what it does is that it divides up the doing of things into projects. A project is a way of setting a goal and drawing into the achievement of that goal all of the resources that will be needed to complete the goal in a timely fashion. Many projects are limited in their time-frame; others stretch out in phases that link one goal to another to another. All projects should, ideally, be linked to a central idea about what we are trying to achieve personally, socially, or professionally...

Personal Development


How well we feel is intimately connected to our health, happiness and confidence. It is a reflection of our connectedness to a sense of purpose that is itself connected to the depth of our bonds with the people who surround us, the place where we are located, and what we do as our daily practice as we go about learning, living, leading and working. We need to locate our personal development within an holistic approach to our wellness...


Evaluation and Assessment Skills

Our judgment is perhaps the most important tool of our trade that we will ever need. All of us need a way to be able to work out what is the right thing to do, the right way to do it, the right time to change direction, the right time to bring something to a conclusion. We will need to learn to use both a combination of the intuitive on-the-spot or snap judgment which we can use to establish what is most likely to be the correct answer, as well as the longer-term evidence-based process by which we might test this initial answer and adjust our approach based on what we are discovering along the way...