Team Creators


I know how to build and work well within teams.

I recognise our common humanity and work to enhance it.

I am grounded in relationality that helps me:

  • Know: Understand how people live well in community with each other
  • Do: Create positive interactions between individuals and groups within a community of inquiry and practice
  • Be: Disposed towards achieving shared goals for success and wellness through processes that enhance collective connection and coherence
  • Learn: Reflect on the relationship between my relationality and my collaboration

Relational Development

Our relationality helps us to connect and work well with others in our lives. We need to learn to be open in our outlook and to show respect for both our common humanity and the differences in how different communities and cultures express this. This means looking for the worth and dignity that lies in each other and contributing whole-heartedly together to create and curate purpose-driven and high-functioning teams…

Leadership Development

Leadership development is the process by which we gain increasing competency in leadership. This learning can be exercised in a number of different formal and informal contexts and is best executed through a deliberate, targeted and intentional fashion; accidental leadership is a poor primary means of acquiring competency for those who are serious about taking responsibility for their community. Accepting the call to leadership is a commitment to a lifetime of studying how best to create teams that achieve better outcomes for all...

Relational Development

Relational Skills

All around the world, when people are asked about what they want from their leaders, the idea of “listening” keeps coming up again and again. We need people who will listen to us and hear the voice that lies within. We need people who will employ their competencies to refine this voice and help it to emerge into the market-place of ideas in a state that is fit for purpose...

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Program

Our role as leaders is essential. The organisations, communities and contexts we will be a part of in our lives will depend on our work. Our leadership needs to impact positively on the lives of others, increase the efficacy of everything we are involved in, and contribute to bringing people together under a shared vision and purpose. This is a role for which one day we will be responsible, and one we need to commit to mastering now...

Relational Development

Language Skills

Being able to communicate with people all over the world opens up the possibilities of engaging in new activities, experiencing new cultures, reading new literature, and viewing new types of media. A life that is enriched by the perspectives of other cultures and other societies can be opened up to us through our capacity to speak the same language. We need to work on a range of language skills that will enable a broader, richer, and more compassionate experience of the world...

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Progress

We need to sit down regularly and review our progress and goals in order to reshape, rewrite, and redesign our leadership development program. We need to be honest about the efficacy of our efforts. We need to be willing and able to modify all aspects of our program. All of this means that when we invest time and focus into our leadership growth, our purpose is clear, our practice is the best it can be, and our process is constantly being refined as we go...

Relational Development

Cultural Fit and Understanding

Where we come from in life can tell us a lot about where we are going. There is a narrative that we weave between yesterday, today and tomorrow. History, geography, food, clothing, language, music, religion, the arts – all of these things matter not just in themselves, but also how they connect us to our sense of who we are. If we are what we do, then that is because what we really believe and values can be traced most effectively through our actions...

Leadership Development

Disposition Towards Leadership

Leadership is the capacity to direct, motivate, influence, and inspire people to bring about willingly a shared intention. It is actualised through deliberate, targeted, and intentional action that aligns vision with this intention and the actions that arise from it. Our leadership should begin with who we are as a person, flow into who we want to become, and be demonstrated through our actions in service of others. It is exercised in relationship with those around us and our environment...

Relational Development

Perceived Belonging and Social Standing

If we feel as though we belong and we know where we fit in, then we are more likely to fulfil our potential. If you feel as though we belong and are fulfilling our potential, we are more likely to do that which is good and right in our lives. If all of these are happening in our lives, we will feel as though we are developing in character and competency and making progress on The Pathway to Excellence...

Leadership Development

Leadership Qualifications

Locating your development as leaders within a practical approach to their leadership qualifications – how you place what you are learning and achieving in your leadership development program within the context of what you will need to maximise your choices later in your life. After all, if we are going to lead, shouldn’t we apply to the field of leadership the same rigour that we would apply to any other field of human endeavour?...