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At a School for tomorrow.we apply our unique evidence based and research-driven knowledge architecture to support schools and learners with personal, professional and school development programs and self-paced online courses, all designed to build the necessary adaptive expertise and self-efficacy to support the full flourishing of individual students, teachers, school leaders and school teams.

To complement these programs and courses a School for tomorrow. is committed to providing our members and the general public access to great educational thought leadership, thinking and practice via our Game Changers podcast platform and our public education library online store. Below you are invited to access a variety of free and paid resources, all designed to support your personal journey of discovery on your continuous process of learning and unlearning.


Game Changers
Series One Transcript


Game Changers
Series Two Transcript


Game Changers
Series Three Transcript


Game Changers
Series Four Transcript


Game Changers
2020 A Global Gathering

This interactive online gathering panel discussion covers the most pertinent and pressing issues in education of our time.


Game Changers
2021 A Global Gathering

These two exciting recordings cover a conversation about crafting a new social contract for our COVID Children.


Today's Learning for
Tomorrow's World

An animated video taking you through the Game Changers provocation for creating a new and better world in education.


Putting Students First
2021 Game Changers Special Event

This interactive online gathering with the Gonski Institute of Education discussed Australia’s National Assessment System.


Get Ready to Lead

This book is a practical guide for young leaders about to take their first steps into leadership roles.


Planning and Managing the School's Finances

This book examines the elements of a school's financial framework that management staff need to know.


School Financial Culture

This book builds a framework for establishing and nurturing a financial culture in a school context.


A Guide to Successful
Fundraising in Schools

This book provides easy to follow and helpful advice on how to run a fundraising program within your school.


Structuring Your School's Finances

This book deals with the issues of financial accountability and management.


Taking Development Seriously

This book addresses the main issues relating to the Development Office.


The Head of Department Book

In this book we consider and provide clear guidance on all aspects of running and developing a department.


Staff Evaluation and Goal-Setting

Student Achievement, Relationships, Communication, Initiatives and Reputation provide the basis for the process.


Planning for Your School

The process of developing, implementing and being successful in planning for the school's future is outlined.


Risk Management in Schools

This book is an introduction to the necessary maintenance and management of risk in schools.


So You Want to be a Principal

So You Want To Be A Principal? is presented in three parts as a practical, easy to read book.


The Board Book

The Board Book provides clear guidance to those serving on a school Board or those interacting with a school Board.


Clio's Scroll – A Little Book About History

This book introduces you to the world of historiography – the study of how and why history is written.


The Way – The Character of an Excellent 21C Education

We are called as educators to help others to strive for excellence and to develop their character and competency.


Brave Hearts, Bold Minds – Growing Fine Young Men

What shapes a boy into the man he will become? How can we nurture a boy so he grows into his best self?


Monday Quarterly
The A Life of Purpose Issue

Designed to inspire you to claim the purpose for your personal journey of exploration, encounter and discovery.


Monday Quarterly - The Character Issue - Special Research Edition

Since 2012, we’ve been deeply immersed in investigating the character of an excellent education. This issue covers that research.