A School For Tomorrow

Continuous learning toolkits

A toolkit is the way we guide our colleagues and followers from theory to practice as game changers. We identify a key area of next practice based on the emerging trends as seen by own partners and other educational thought leaders internationally. We propose a compelling reason “why”, scaffold “how” it might work in broad terms, and demonstrate the “what”. We draw on case studies from a wide range of schools who are pioneering innovative and successful solutions across different sectors. All of this is underpinned by evidence drawn from our own consulting and research practice within our global network of schools and educators.

Volume I | People & Practice

We are changing ourselves; we are changing our work; we are changing the way we connect with and support the whole education of our students and their families. We're changing the game of education right now.

Volume II | Leading Through Crisis

So much of what is happening in schools and their learning communities right now is drawing on the deep knowledge that great educators have about what sustains and nurtures effective learning communities, regardless of the circumstances in which people find themselves.

Volume III | Wellness By Design®

We live in a rapidly changing world. Everyday life means living through complexity, being ready for the things that life throws at us and enjoying the good fortune with which we are blessed. There is a volume, pace, and intensity to our times that mean we need to be in a position to respond to change readily and willingly.