Lead Now

A Coaching-based Leadership Program

How We Create Leaders

a School for tomorrow. and Portland Education are committed to accelerate the development of future leaders in our schools, where staff are continually learning and deepening their understanding of their inquiry and practice and how to successfully learn, live, lead and work in this new world environment.

As teachers do not learn all that they need to learn in their pre-service education our Lead Now Program affirms the uniqueness of the individual and provides the opportunity for emerging and established middle leaders to further build towards their full potential, elicit greatness and enhance their understanding of inquiry and contemporary teaching and leadership practices, while actively contributing to the ongoing high-performance of the community they serve. Like the members of other professions, teachers and school leaders need to be continuous learners and unlearners who see their own learning as being fundamental to membership of the profession and leading the future of schooling, through ambitious yet manageable, impactful, and sustainable ways.

Individual Participant

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Work with award-winning Leadership coaches and facilitators

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Work through an intensive and highly supportive coaching program to confidentially identify professional gaps and strengthen individual leadership capacity

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Develop key goals and actions to support individual career stages of growth

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Strengthen professional leadership network via a dynamic local and international community of inquiry and practice

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Access to an extensive range of a School for tomorrow's personal and professional resources and courses via a dynamic online learning community platform

Commissioning School

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Build the leadership capacity of your school's emerging and established middle leaders

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Each participant is supported to deliver a significant leadership legacy project closely aligned with the school's mission and current strategic improvement plan

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Access to a unique national and international learning network for your school

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Further opportunities for wider collaboration and action research

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Plus, a free 12-month School/Institutional Membership to aSchool for tomorrow, Full details:

Meet Alex Bell

a School for tomorrow is excited to partner with Alex Bell as the Leadership Coach for our dynamic Lead Now coaching-based leadership program.

Alex Bell is Director of with over 2,500 hours of leadership coaching experience and six years of bespoke vision-to-strategy consultancy for schools in the UK and globally. He was named global ambassador of the year for 2020 for the education innovation catalysts and is co-founder of the non-profit named as one of the top 100 education innovations in the world in 2020 and 2021 by HundrED and Forbes.

Alex is also co-founder of cited by UNESCO and the OECD. He has convened the global roundtable for UNESCO Futures of Education 2050. Alex is co-founder and curator of, the world’s first free online film festival about education futures, co-founder of global innovation, co-founder of the Changemaker program for the Eden Project and runs leadership development programs for schools on and offline throughout the year.


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