The Pathway to excellence

The Pathway to Excellence is a personal development program for students in character and competency featuring readings, accredited courses, family support materials, self-help tools and online resources, for young people to build their voice, agency and wellness. Click here to read more!


This is a model that that has purpose at its heart. It is about how we grow in the character and competencies we need to thrive in our world as good people, future builders, continuous learners and unlearners, solution architects, responsible citizens, and team creators. As we ask and answer fundamental questions, we build the adaptive expertise and self-efficacy to encounter success in how we learn, live, lead, and work on our journeys of discovery towards character.

We have assembled a rich knowledge architecture of content to help you embark on The Pathway to Excellence, with readings, tools and programs to support your development. Click on the following icons to find out more:


Learning is about answering the question: “Who am I?” Learning well helps us to become stronger in all of the facets of our lives and apply these strengths to realising an evolving and increasingly selfless reason for doing what we do. Learning, therefore, is about the quest towards self-awareness that fosters a sense of “Our Purpose” through curiosity and wisdom and to meet the expectation to "Know ourselves"...


Living is about answering the question: “Where do I fit in?” Living well helps us to understand and respect ourselves and each other, and the language, customs, honourable traditions, rituals, and values of the people and places from which we have come and to where we are going. Living, therefore, is the search for relationship that helps us to appreciate “Our People” and “Our Place” with humility and gratitude and to meet the expectation to "Earn our place"...


Leading is about answering the question: “How can I best serve others?” Leading well begins with who we are, flows into who we want to become and is demonstrated through deliberate, targeted, and intentional action that aligns vision with intention and means to direct, motivate, influence, and inspire others to achieve willingly a preferred future for us all. Leading, therefore, is about the challenge of service that helps us to locate “Our Practice” within courage and compassion and to meet the expectation to "Go on a journey from me to you to us"...


Working is about answering the question: “Whose am I?” Working well is about building around us a supportive network of people for and with whom our sense of belonging, potential, and propensity to do that which is good and right in our lives might find a meaningful home. Working, therefore, is about the discovery of commitment that helps us to connect “Our Purpose”, “Our People”, “Our Place” and “Our Practice” through vocation and diligence and to meet the expectation to "Find our calling"...