Our Mission

Today’s learning for tomorrow’s world.

a School for tomorrow is a global educational network that supports students, educators, and school leaders to thrive in a new world environment.

We’re dedicated to helping students, teachers, and school leaders to build the character, competencies and wellness that allows them to thrive in our world. We support them to build the adaptive expertise and self-efficacy they need to:

Graduate Outcomes


Good People

Have the integrity to lead meaningful lives as good people


Future Builders

Have the ability to manage complexity with authenticity as future builders


Continuous Learners and Unlearners

Grow and transform themselves as continuous learners and unlearners


Solution Architects

Provide sustainable direction to the world as solution architects


Responsible Citizens

Balance the local, the regional, and the global with perspective as responsible citizens


Team Creators

Work in relationships with others to bring success and fulfilment for all of us as team creators

Belonging and Inclusion

Over the past decade of research and connection with schools across the globe, we have formed a view that the purpose of education is to help young people form the character, competency and wellness to thrive in the world. It’s about a human-centred developmental model called The Pathway to Excellence. This model calls on each of us to support how each and every one of us can be equipped, empowered and enabled to build the civic character of belonging, the performance character of the achievement of potential, and the moral character of doing what is good and right in the world.

In other words, we need to belong before we can achieve our potential. If we feel as though we belong and are achieving our potential, then we are more likely to do what is good and right in the world.

We know that there are ongoing barriers in our world for learners to embark on The Pathway to Excellence that are imposed on them by people, structures and systems that perpetuate discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, ability, identity, gender and sexual orientation.

We also know that when people are prevented by either the personal choices of others or the structures and systems of society from belonging, achieving their potential and doing what is good and right, then we have an obligation to stand against this historic and continuing injustice.

Our ongoing mission at a School for tomorrow reflects our fundamental belief that each person is home to a unique life, that all people belong and deserve fairness and justice in their lives. We also believe that everyone everywhere benefits from systems and structures that put into practice the principles of inclusion that can and should create the conditions in which every person can learn, live, lead and work in a fashion that helps them and those around them to belong, achieve their potential and do what is good and right.

It starts with belonging.

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