what does it mean for a school to thrive?

How can you build a community of inquiry and practice where your investment of resources will create the human capital that will support today's learning for tomorrow's world?

Over the past decade, the team from a School for tomorrow. and its research institute CIRCLE - The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education has been working with tens of thousands of students, teachers, school leaders and school teams across the world to think about the character of an excellent education.

We have identified six sets of key standards that make the difference in helping schools make the difference that they want to make in bringing about better outcomes for more learners.

They are, if you like, the six corridors down which we might walk to find learners, teachers, and families working together to help each other to thrive and realise the Graduate Outcomes of a School for tomorrow:

Good People  Building Culture

Future Builders  Building Leadership

Continuous Learners & Unlearners  Building Learning

Solution Architects  Building Performance

Responsible Citizens  Building Strategy

Team Creators  Building Systems and Operations

We invite you to discover our Thriving digital survey tools via our Thriving brochure, each designed to help you to assemble a living snapshot of your school across each of these six global standards. 

thriving digital survey