The Way

The Way is a professional learning program for teachers in fit for purpose 22C education featuring higher degree courses, workshops and events, lessons and learning artefacts, evaluation and assessment tools, publications and resources for schools to build thriving communities of inquiry and practice. Click here to read more!


It is a research-driven and evidence-based approach to building a School for tomorrow. As learners ask and answer fundamental questions about who they are, where they fit in, how they can best serve others, and what their calling might be, we help them to build the adaptive expertise and self-efficacy to grow in the character and competencies of learning, living, leading and work that they need to thrive in our world and experience success on The Pathway To Excellence, a model of human development with purpose at its heart.

We have assembled a rich knowledge architecture of content to help you find The Way, with readings, tools and programs to support your development. Click on the following icons to find out more:


In a School for tomorrow. we want to influence a research-driven community of inquiry and practice to find a way to educate students to learn the character, competency and wellness required to thrive in our world. This community needs to cultivate a growth mindset, empower learners, and personalise learning so that all can learn the self-awareness of knowing themselves through asking: who am I?...


In a School for tomorrow. we want to inspire a growth-minded community of inquiry and practice to build a disposition for change, align decision standards, and share in a language for learning that contributes to the progress and wellness of all. This enables all to grow to become the people they need to be and live well in relationships built by earning their places through asking the question: where do I fit in?...


In a School for tomorrow.leading is about becoming a servant who goes on a journey from me to you to us through asking the question: how can I best serve others? Leading in a school community begins with understanding the mission and its tasks, developing a shared vision for how strategic learning capacity might be increased, and answering the questions that will help the school make the right choices about its future...


In a School for tomorrow. we want to motivate each other as evidence-based champions of high performance and systems that improve outcomes for all learners. We need to commit to our calling, bring together the compelling narrative, describe and measure our performance, and define the narrative and role community of inquiry and practice that will help everyone to work vocationally and find their calling by asking the question: whose am I?...