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We need to adopt an ethical approach towards our personal branding – how we can build a reputation for doing what is good and right according to our core beliefs and moral code.

Our story lives in the minds of others. How we use our kindness, honesty, and love is how we demonstrate our strength of character. How we show our resilience, professionalism, and our decision-making ability is how we demonstrate our performance. How we live with honesty, selflessness, and service is how we demonstrate our leadership. The building of our reputation through doing what is good and right is the way we manifest a good personal brand and allow others to see our value as a person of character and excellence. Only through an ongoing and conscious effort can we build a personal brand that we are proud of.

We need to be good people. Moving through our world with genuine care for others, integrity, and love is how we help contribute to making the world a better, kinder place. This is also the way we prove to others that we are a person who has character. In turn, this behaviour becomes aligned and associated with what people expect of us, and slowly, becomes the foundation of our personal brand. It is the alignment of our values, our intentions, our actions, and their demonstrable impact on the world around us that is our true personal brand. No amount of shallow curation of public image will endure in the face of this. We can keep up pretences for a while but, in the end, a signal lack of integrity will reveal a personal brand that is hollow. Being a good person all the time is, of course, impossible. If, however, we believe in making others' lives better and we commit ourselves to kindness, decency, and generosity of spirit our brand is more likely to hold the respect of others. Over time, being a person of good character should become recognisable part of our personal brand. Not because we have designed it this but because it is this way. People will come to believe in our ability to do the right thing, and they will know can rely on us.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

Dr Suess

Our brand needs us to be professional in our vocation. Setting a high standard of quality for our own work and holding others to a high standard in theirs demonstrates the value we place on performance. Aspiring to achieve at a high level is nothing to be ashamed of, so long as it exercised in conjunction with personal modesty and good grace. To this end, being genuine in our desire to work towards and achieve success with humility is important. Over time, as we develop a personal brand that says we produce high quality work and support others in doing the same, not only will others be more likely to believe in our ability to perform, they will be more likely themselves to imitate and take on these characteristics themselves.

Our personal brand is how we appear in the minds and hearts of others. The ongoing actions of our everyday lives come to define this perception, and the way others treat us. This doesn’t mean we change ourselves to engineer a ‘good’ personal brand. It means that if we are good people, who act with conviction and character, we will create a personal brand of authentic and lasting influence and good repute.

We can contemplate our understanding of our Personal Brand by considering the following questions:
    • Do I uphold integrity and good values in my person and my career?
    • Do I set a high standard for the quality and professionalism of my work?
    • Am I a good decision-maker who uses information wisely, consults effectively and thinks creatively?
    • Do I communicate clearly and effectively and am I able to explain complex issues and solutions?
    • Am I a servant leader and a community-builder?